Songs Unsung Round 2

by Unicorn Hole

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Round 2 of my Songs Unsung idea, like the first, lets us peek into the minds of video games characters that we don't normally hear from. Jigglypuff asserts that her placement in the Smash series is well deserved, and then the yeti from Skifree brings our childhood nightmares back. Cranky Kong has a little message for the youngins who think he's a has-been. The Boos and Eeries from Super Mario World's sunken ghost ship (revealed in the manual to be a downed airship from Super Mario Brothers 3) invite all to enjoy a stay in their /let's-go-with-quaint/ home. Finally, our generation's Boogeyman reveals some cryptic hints about his origins. Songs Unsung Round 2 is an emotional roller coaster with an array of diverse influences, but altogether a solid Nintendocore release. Follow Unicorn Hole on Facebook to stay informed and entertained!


released February 29, 2016

As usual, Chris Kurschies of Poopmaster and Tyler Hendricks have to be thanked for their constant help with mixing and production. Unicorn Hole wouldn't sound half as good as it does without these fellas. Also, big shout-out to Joey Finley for music theory advice on all sorts of random things during my writing process! Other than that, all music and lyrics were written, programmed, and recorded by me- John Nelson. Thanks so much for giving my stuff a chance! Message Uhole on Facebook and let me know what you think!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Jigglypuff Hijinx
Laugh at me- "gay Kirby" all you like
But in my nubby little arms I hold your life
You think it's a joke- you think I'm here as a gag
Until your laughter is muffled by your body bag

I rest a wink, you rest in peace
Vision goes pink, and you're deceased

That's a lovely recovery that you've got there
It would be a shame if something happened in the air
Left you hopeless and tumbling to your demise
It would be wise to realize that I own these skies

Music to my ears are your screams
This is not the face of mercy

Bore me to sleep, yet I'm the one with sing
Can't you do anything to stop The Jiggly Queen?
I'll pound pound pound you into the ground
Pants bound bound bound to end up browned
Track Name: Rest in Yeti, Never Forgetti
Two-thousand meters, where I draw the line
And then upon your twisted body I will dine
This mountain belongs to me
The howling winds are a banshee
You should have heeded her song
Because you won't be on this earth for long
Headed where you belong
Ski as fast as you can, heart pounding, panic sets in
Your skill might buy some time, but you simply cannot win

You belong to me
You don't get to ski free
What's left of you is lost beneath the falling snow
More remains lie within than anyone could know
I'm not some villain that you get to defeat
If you meet me, then you're just meat

You cannot ski free, you belong to me
Track Name: Crank it Up
Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells
But if you ain't got nanners you can go to hell
And if ya think because I'm old I can't expand the dong
Well then ya better think again because ya thought wrong
Cranky Kong crushes crummy Kremlin MCs
It's a breeze, wannabees get blown into debris
While the other kongs conquer a couple crappy adventures
I'm spitting sick rhymes like they were my dentures

New kongs need extra dimensions to get any attention
That ain't pretention, my ascention was a 2D invention
And lemme mention I made hundreds of millions
Long before your country and your kooky crocodilians
These days I bring the pain with my cane
Anyone who sasses me has gone insane, you say
"If you're so great, why ain't ya been in Smash?"
Cause then there'd only be two tiers: Cranky and trash

It's time to crank it up, and I mean more than just a smidge
It's time for Cranky Kong to take it to the fridge

Some said that Tropical Freeze was way too tough
That's why I finally decided to step up
The first game to challenge me since the days of old
Four times I nearly died, playing with my blindfold

You youngins do not know who I am
Crank this shit up
And learn my name, play my game, say goddamn
I'm the king of kongs

I go feral, bring peril, barrel toss like a boss
Want me to play nice? No dice, sorry hoss
If you thought King Kong was the king you were wrong
Sent him crying like a bitch, it's on like Cranky Kong

I was droppin barrels back when you were drippin drool
I'm rad to max, I'm old school cool
Track Name: Graves Beneath the Waves
We scratched the sky, miles high
Things were looking up
But when we looked down we found the ground to be abrupt
So when we'd taken more damage than we could stand
We used our last mast to pass over the land
We braced for impact, our fates seemed quite grim
But we'd deemed water kinder, and knew how to swim
We fell out of the sky, like a meteorite and then..

After the crash and the shock and the din
We found our ship sinking with us sealed within
Fight as we might, the ocean pressed tight
We lost sight of all light, and accepted our plight
Our cabins were flooding, our eyes were too
Because there wasn't anything left for us to do
We're still in our airship to this very day
We've accepted the depths are where we'll always stay

So join us! Visit our home deep below
All are free to come, but we insist, don't go
Whether home's nearby or far, far away
We just know you'll choose to stay
Some say it's dreary, clearly eerie
A nice, long rest for those weary
Whether home's nearby or far, far away
We just know you'll choose to stay

Just make yourself at home, no need to rush off and roam
Relax, don't up and disappear, when you're here just be here
Just make yourself at home, let tomorrow's worries be gone
Free yourself of yesterday's fears, when you're here just be here
"And forever remain! You will know our pain!"
"Now pay him no mind. We don't hold a grudge.
He just gets excited and talks too much.."

Enjoy our great amenities, and mingle with late entities
Just grab the orb to leave without a trace
It's around here someplace..

"Forever remain!
You'll rot here just as we did
Become something truly morbid
Your body will soften and break into pieces
As our population increases"
"Now don't listen to the dissenting voice!
Our ship, for recourse, is a fantastic choice!"
Track Name: Metaproxy
The gates of sleep long rusted, among the trees I await
Those lost or who mistrusted, and made their final mistake
Never to be seen again, not by me or by their kin
I simply deliver them directly to their end
It may be their blood or bones, it may be their very souls
I only know that human lives alone will fill the hole

Some nights there are visions of a time from before
I became this thing and embodied all the lore
My actions are not truly of my volition
And I never chose to accept this grotesque mission
But if I fail to keep it fed
The masses will know utter dread
My own wickedness fails to compare
Asylum would exist nowhere
So I do what I'm programmed to
My consciousness rarely cuts through
Each ghastly myth perfectly true
Object and it will use you too
You'll belong to me!

No, it's just some glitch in my mind
I would never pity their wretched kind
I display their fear and pain eightfold
Their feeble minds beg to be controlled
Evil exists in their brains- hardwired
A small suggestion is all that's required
Then their true nature will come to light
It's why I agreed to haunt the night

It must be fed, or this earth will know true dread
Don't try to flee, for you already belong to me