Songs Unsung

by Unicorn Hole

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M0SHB1T Unicorn Hole reveals his new, super quality style combined with his over-the-top writing all together in this pure piece of art. Every song burns full of pure love and passion for video games. The lyrics range from hilarious ape shit to waterfall crying sad. The melodies are so super catchy and those breakdowns and brutal metal parts are pumping you up as hell. This isn't just for nerds or nintendocore lovers, this is for everyone who is into pure crystal meth music shit! Thank you for this! Favorite track: Hedgehogs and Chili Dogs.
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Songs Unsung is about characters that gamers know, but tells stories that most do not. We'll take a long, hard look at Sonic's acclaim, and witness the depths of a sentient glitch's wickedness. We'll learn exactly what Resident Evil 4's merchant was sellin'. Then Grog and Ganondorf of the Zelda series will put their two Rupees in. It's time these unsong songs got sang! (To get the most out of the last three tracks, play the characters' games- or at least read up on them!)


released July 24, 2015

While Unicorn Hole wrote and produced virtually everything you hear on this demo, there are a few people who were essential to its existence. Thorn Rich introduced me to Shreddage, and put me on the path to this awesome new sound for Uhole. Tyler Hendricks made the quality of my final product ten times better than it would have been. Can't stress his importance enough. Chris Kurschies listened to each track as I finished it, and gave as much feedback as possible to help steer me to a polished final product as well. This release absolutely would not have happened without their help! Oh, and shout out to KroboProductions (best Youtube Pooper) for helping me find the "uh-oh" Sonic sample!

Dustin Elmore also provided additional "whoa-ohs" for Hedgehogs and Chili Dogs. Thanks! Aside from those things, everything else was the labor-o-love of one guy- me- John Nelson. I write and record everything. Thanks a grillion for checking out my stuff. Follow Unicorn Hole on Facebook and talk to me! I've got big stuff in the works!



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Track Name: Hedgehogs and Chili Dogs
Knuckles is strong- he can glide and he can dig
Tails can fly- there's no machine he can't rig
Shadow gets emo chicks and uses guns to cap some ass
Sonic the Hedgehog, well he runs real fast

I hate to say it, but it must be said
Sonic the Hedgehog, everybody knows your name
But I'm having trouble justifying your fame
Your friends are better than you, yeah you should be ashamed
It must be hard to be so lame, that you're the worst in your own game

Tails and Eggman- both brilliant scientists
Shadow has a dark past with some sappy twists
Knuckles- the sworn protector as far back as the prologue
Sonic's backstory is chili dogs

Stranded on a desert island,
I'd even choose Big the Cat over you
His skill could feed a man for life,
While a puddle on the beach has you subdued
And remember that time you met that kid
With down's syndrome a few years ago?
And like a true asshole, the first thing you said to him was
"You're too slow!"
Track Name: Glitch Slap
Now that I've learned each game till the last one was gone
Tonight's the night- the real game is on
I'll have it done before the break of dawn
My Mega Man Mega Marathon

One through ten, and all the Xs too
I'll beat them all, yeah I will breeze right through
I won't lose one life, or miss one lemon pitch
All night long Wiley will be my bitch

My years of training are paying off
Instead of weeping, bosses only make me scoff
Level by level, and game by game
I kick each boss' ass and make em look hella lame
I start the final game with an hour to spare
I seek the final boss, and have no trouble getting there
When he's dead I'll be done; there will be nothing more
And I've kicked this dude's shit a million times before

But wait.. What's this? Something is wrong
What the hell is going on?
His sprite is messed up.. Why are his eyes red?
His health bar shows that he's already dead
"You're done well to come this far
But you'll find that you've found a foe too bizarre
My powers are too great for you to comprehend
I am Glitch Man, and I will be your end"

Oh no you won't!
I have come too far, I will not stand by and fail my perfect run
You will go down like the rest! The final battle has begun

Oh no! He lands a hit
He uses moves that don't even exist
Tanks my attacks, hit after hit
Now the controller is zapping my hands
But I will make him pay for ruining my plans
I'm running low on health now, he seems to be invincible
Maybe thinking that I could win was just me being a fool..

But wait!
It seems his health bar has rolled back around
It's full right now, but I can widdle it down
It's game over if I take just one hit,
but I'm focused, I know this- I can do it!

I finish Glitch Man off, and gain his power too
I wonder what the heck this new move will do
Mega Man stands in a strange new room
So I try it out with no further ado

When I press the button, Glitch Man's face fills the screen
Startled, I let out an embarrassing scream
"I let you think you'd won, just to crush your dreams
And your perfect run has been erased, so it seems
But you can't do it over
Because from now until you meet your doom
Every game you play will glitch and turn into Sonic Boom"
"Noooooooooo, please just kill me!"
Don't fuck with Glitch Man
Track Name: Stranger Danger
Changing in spades and laid to waste- everything I'd known
One of the few left with volition of my own
My connections would supply their weapons
My infection would keep me unthreatened
They'd sense my plaga and I'd be spared of attack
That is, of course, unless I tried to fight back
Or tried to arm anyone with different blood
This contract they made sure I understood

Then in the darkness a glimmer of hope shone
A man named Leon with a mission of his own
I watched him rest the souls of countless ganados
He sought to destroy the ones who ran the show

He received our curse before long,
But had a means to suppress it
I intended to help him along,
And now I could safely confess it
I supplied him with the tools to travel through the danger
To avoid suspicion I charged and always called him stranger
I made his weapons unique- far better than the rest
Supplied a range for him, and he never failed to impress
Our alliance of stock and skill was the solution
To how Leon and I would find our retribution

I stood by my ally- always I followed nearby
Ensured nothing went awry- I knew he'd keep me alive
At last Leon had found his final confrontation
Against the master plaga- evil's incarnation
It was time to bring their story to a close
To sever and destroy the head of the Illuminados

Having bid Sadler his final adieu
I thought that we would leave- I thought I'd start anew
Leon escaped, and left the monsters to their doom
But I guess that I thought wrong, because he left me too
I watched him ride away into the sunrise
I would have called it lies, if I'd not seen with my own eyes
He never looked back- did I even cross his mind?
Was saving my life not worth the extra time?
He didn't look back..
Track Name: Everybody, Stalfos
Lived in the shadow of the mountain
I sat beneath the tree at night
I said exactly what I thought
I didn't care enough to lie

My own father is disgusting, and my mother is too
The wickedness in them I also saw in you
The only honest folk I know- a family of wretched spider beasts
Cursed to appear outside the way we truly are beneath

I left it all behind, was happy to forget
The only one I ever missed was my pet
Then there you stood, my pet with you
He was happy, I knew that you must be a nice guy too
That was the last thing that I saw before I was subdued
I wasn't warned, even though I know she knew

She knew and did nothing
She let me die
She saw my end, but didn't try

They made me what I am- a monster inside and out
I'm not a nice guy anymore, so I'll wait for you to put me down
Track Name: The King of Evil
Under a blistering sun we endured searing winds
Which carried sand that battered us to no end
And when the moon took to the stage again
A frigid gale ensured our wounds would not mend

Our culture cast out, our goddess banned
The time had come for me to make a stand

When atop their castle a Gerudo flag unfurled
My new Hyrule would be known across the world
As a sanctuary where we neglected no race
And the royalty there currently would be disgraced

I'm called The King of Evil- The King of Thieves
How easily their king deceives them all
If we're to be despised just because we're alive
Then I'll give them a proper reason why!

I won't deny that I was driven by my hate
I did horrible things to get through that gate
But I knew this was fate, and I would not cower
I obtained the Triforce- the ultimate power

But things did not go exactly as I had planned
The Golden Power fractured in my hands
My path had left me an unbalanced man
So pure, brute force became my brand

My strength was compelling- intoxicating
I could not see that my vision was fading
Fixed on the end, I lost sight of the fray
Found myself behind that gate- and sealed away

In a timeless state, in perpetual gloom
Consumed by hate in that sacred room
Sent by those kids to an eternal tomb
I swore that I would be their doom

And I did break free, and seek the Triforce again
Pursued revenge fueled by the hate I'd grown within
I crushed everything that dared stand in my way
Gathered each golden shard but once again things went astray

Despite my triumphs throughout the war
I was denied of what I'd fought for
The world I knew was swallowed by the sea
Everything I loved was taken from me
I had risen up, against all odds
When their world failed to stop me, they sent their gods
Fight for my people- my mission was succinct
But I must live with the truth now- my people are extinct

Lost in the blackness of the depths below
It seems that misery is all their gods bestow
Upon my race, seems failure is our lot
Maybe I should just accept that..
..but I will not